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Ariel Ariel Steam Shower was first introduced in the early 1990s. Ariel went into the business of manufacturing bathroom upgrades for price conscious consumers while maintaining quality with customer satisfaction in mind. The goals and mission of Ariel are to connect aesthetics, value as well as to please their consumers. In addition, Ariel has a wide range of units from different dimensions, styles, and features.

Ariel tubs are made of acrylic fiberglass enforcement to prolong the durability through time. The steam shower systems are made to fit any home bathroom. From small and large corner shower units to wall units, they are great additions to any bathroom remodeling. The largest Ariel corner unit, the Ariel SS-A806, has features such as steam generator, whirlpool bathtub with 6 jets, 6 back acupressure massage jets, foot massager, FM radio with optional CD, plus many more options. If that is too big for your home, Ariel also offers one person walk-in steam showers like the Ariel SS-9090K, which has all the features of the SS-A806, except for the bathtub.

Most Ariel products are purchased for household use. It is constructed with quality and value in mind. Customers have been very satisfied with Ariel products for years, because they are both affordable and great in quality. If you are looking for a steam shower that is affordable in price, an Ariel steam shower will suit your needs.

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Ariel Platinum Ariel Platinum has manufacturing award winning products since their inception. They had won awards such as the "Top 10 Ceramic Sanitary Ware," as well as the "10 Best Sanitary Ware Brand of 2007," to just name a few of their many awards. Their primary focus is to expand their luxury line while still upholding to the highest standards in quality products and continuing to be innovative. Ariel Platinum is considered a top of the line manufacturer because of the fine fixtures they use in their products and high quality tempered. In addition to high grade glass, nanometer technology is applied to the ceramic to prevent particles from attaching, which makes cleaning a lot easier and helps extend the lifespan of your unit.

All of units come standard with FM transmitter, therapeutic jets, rainfall showerhead, handheld showerhead, and chromatherapy to name a few. The Ariel Platinum DZ972F8-W not only is its sleek design appealing to any bathroom upgrade, but the unit is made from high quality materials and its retrofit style will fit in any standard tub location - Perfect for your bathroom remodel.

Enjoy the pleasures of the Ariel Platinum Series steam shower in your own home. We are confident that you will indulge in a state of ultimate relaxation and tranquility with the features of these steam shower units.

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AmeriSteam AmeriSteam has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in luxury bathroom products. They have been a source of upscale and luxury steam shower units with advanced technology for architects, builders and consumers.

The AmeriSteam brand provides subtle elegance and functionality to upgrade any bathroom. These units come in various dimensions and configurations to create the best spa like atmosphere in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Most customers who buy AmeriSteam want high quality steam showers at moderate prices with full luxury options and with soothing ambiance to revitalize and rejuvenate both physically as well as mentally.

AmeriSteam takes great pride in manufacturing and creating units at the highest quality to supersede inspection and customs. These units have numerous health benefits as well as other advantages. Each and every AmeriSteam unit has panels made Lucite acrylic, which are used in the well known brands such as Kohler and American Standard. Along with the high-end acrylic, these units are reinforced by fiberglass for long lasting strength and durability. All AmeriSteam products are ETL approved, which is equivalent to UL.

The AmeriSteam ZA219 is highly recommended by consumers and contractors. Beyond the standard functions found in each unit, the ZA219 is the only walk-in steam shower unit that has a full bench for added comfort, relaxation and space, which is similar to the units found in upscale day spas, health clubs, hotels and resorts.

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Royal SSWW Royal SSWW is distinguished and distinctive among the other luxury steam shower brands because they are the most technologically advanced steam shower units to obtain the best and utmost luxurious steam shower experience. Royal SSWW units' futuristic design and sleek aesthetic appeals with its uncompromising detail to innovation for the best steam shower experience and performance. The majority of purchases are from builders, contractors, and designers to capture and enhance their client's interest and exceed their expectations.

These products are made of the highest quality acrylic with reinforced fiberglass for top-of-the-line performance and absolute luxury. They are available in various sizes, dimensions as well as different functions. In addition, Royal SSWW manufactures the largest walk in whirlpool steam shower unit, which is used in highly upscale spas, recovery centers as well as luxury retreat centers. Even though Royal is widely used commercially, these units can be purchased for household use as well.

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WEST COAST SAUNAS specializes in defining a healthier lifestyle through our state of the art far infrared sauna heat therapy. Founded in 2000, they are committed to providing superior Far Infrared Saunas in the United States and Canada at prices that will allow anyone to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a far infrared sauna in their own home.

They are dedicated to satisfying its customers' needs and constantly seek their feedback for refinements and improvements to our line of handcrafted infrared saunas. We are eager to introduce you to the health benefits of our product, whether you have specific health concerns or just want to escape the everyday stresses of life.

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