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Steam Shower Health Benefits

The soothing warmth of aromatic steam baths

This page is designed to show how steam showers can benefit your health.

We all need water to survive and we know how important it is to our health, hygiene and our environment. Yet when we think of water, most of us automatically relate to it in its liquid form; the water we make coffee with, take a shower in, spray on the lawn and drink throughout the day. This fundamental element has the ability to transform into solid and liquid states and in each of these states water fulfills different roles. One important role is water vapor or steam. Used for everything from powering engines to pressing clothes, steam also plays an important role in our health and relaxation. With a steam shower, we are now able to have the luxury of a spa in our home.

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have indulged in the soothing warmth of aromatic steam baths. Ancient Romans and Chinese were well known for creating elaborate baths. Steam baths have also become part of Native American cultures all the way from the Alaskan Eskimos to the land of the Mayans. These cultures used steam baths to clean the body, cure illness, rejuvenate tired muscles and provide a sense of spiritual identity. It wasn't until the twentieth century that steam baths became a more common part of North American culture.

In the 1960s steam baths first appeared in large public facilities, such as private clubs and large health resorts. The benefits of steam showers, it seemed, were designated for those who had the money and resources to access the treatment. Later in the same century, steam showers increased in popularity drastically - to a point where taking a steam shower was part of regular health treatments and followed a daily workout at the club.

Over the past 10 years, steam showers have become a popular component in new home construction and bathroom renovations. With new developments in plumbing technology and products, steam showers are easy to install in almost any bathroom and have become an affordable private retreat. Steam showers can be used daily and provide numerous health and aesthetic benefits, and are a great way to have a steam treatment without the inconvenience and cost of going to the gym or spa.

A steam shower looks like your regular shower except with sealing doors. With an optional bench seat, which is highly recommended, we are able to kick back and relax and enjoy our steam, rather than stand on tired restless feet. Steam showers can come pre-packaged from a factory or can be custom designed to fit a specific bathroom. In either case, the components will include a steam generator, steam outlet(s) and regular shower head(s). The steam generator houses the element that creates the heat necessary to produce steam. The steam then moves through the steam outlet in the shower wall and fills the shower area. The steam generator can be installed either in the bathroom vanity near the shower, under the floor, or in the bench seat. Custom showers should include a sloped ceiling to prevent condensation from dripping. Aesthetically, the unit is streamlined and well-finished. There is also a reduced risk of mold and mildew in these types of units because they are enclosed and designed to withstand the humidity produced.

In our custom steam shower we can either take a shower, have a steam or both at the same time. For days that we choose to have a regular shower, it's pleasing to know that, with the custom sealing doors, we will be cozy and warm while lathering as the humidity from the shower will linger in the spa. The steam outlet operates on a timer and can include a small reservoir where essential oils, respiratory medications or perfume essences can be diffused. We all know that men and women enjoy showering at different temperatures, so why not splurge on a custom shower that will accommodate his and her temperatures at the same time? Custom steam showers can include a combination of adjustable shower heads, body sprays, hand sprays and steam outlets to keep him and her happy and comfortable. Our custom steam shower can also be equipped with accessories such as a CD player, in shower speakers, steam free mirrors, mood lighting and remote control for heat, music and light.

Before making the decision to install a steam shower it is important to consider several factors. The space that we are going to use may indicate whether a factory unit or custom designed shower will accommodate our needs. The available hot water volume may have to be increased and the budget and décor selection will have to be reviewed.

A professional plumbing and heating firm will be able to assess which system will work best in our home and provide suggestions for custom spray systems, such as body sprays, overhead shower heads, hand sprays, and multi-directional shower heads. Once installed, our new steam shower will require little maintenance. Regular cleaning is encouraged and periodic draining of the system and physical inspection of the electrical components are advised.

Steam showers are used around the world by professional massage therapists, chiropractors, coaches, estheticians and other health and beauty practitioners during treatments and therapies. With Calgary's dry climate and cold winters, steam showers prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and itchy. Steam showers provide a wet heat that is different from the dry heat created in a sauna. Steam showers open our pores so our skin can excrete toxins and dirt, increases blood circulation, and can help clear sinuses and nasal passages to help us breath more easily. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Steam showers can also sooth tired and aching muscles. Additional benefits of steam showers include the following:

  • Reducing stress
  • Relaxation
  • Rejuvenating the skin
  • Detoxify the body
  • Increase metabolism
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Enhancing the respiratory system
  • Aromatherapy

Given that the average adult spends approximately 5,475 minutes or 91.25 hours in the shower every year, making it a comfortable and relaxing experience can ensure that time is more enjoyable. Certainly, having a custom shower with all the bells and whistles, is worth it and will make our daily ritual a personal retreat. With increasing demands on our time and growing stress in our lives, a steam shower can provide a quick and affordable escape from the day-to-day.

The ultimate reason for installing a steam shower in our home however, could be its ability to iron. Yes, iron. Simply hang clothes in the shower, turn on the steam for 10 to 15 minutes, and our clothes come out looking freshly ironed. My steam shower has been doing my ironing for years!

Note: Pregnant women and individuals with health concerns or health problems should always consult a medical physician before using a steam shower.

Here are some example of one of our steam shower units and its features!

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Steam Sauna
This function quickly produces high temperature steam helping you to increase blood circulation. It keeps your whole body relaxed, eliminates fatigue and resumes physical strength. It has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic and is an effective way to reduce weight. Operation of the temperature control is simple using the computerized LCD keypads.

Acupuncture Massage
Strategically positioned spray nozzles pinpoint and tenderize, channels and subsidiary channels, along the share of your body. your whole body can take a hydraulic massage. It can help increase your body circulation, invigorate your body cells, prevent chronic disease, and simply rejuvenate your senses. Two seats and a total 10 jets allow you and one other to have a massage like never before.

Whirlpool Bath
Two seat whirlpool bath features 2 pillow cushions, and a total of 10 jets that are ergonomically located for a powerful and comfortable acupuncture hydro massage. Whirlpool jet intensity can be adjusted to your desired level of comfort.

Foot Massage
The removable foot massage function puts magnetic force, mechanical force, and hydropressure together, resulting in an efficient pediatrics massage. Ease away your pain and enjoy!

Ozone Sterilization System
Bacteria is very common within very humid conditions. This special function of ozone sterilization will make the room easily cleanable with the press of a button. Self cleaning function kills bacteria and viruses, allowing the next use to be germ free.

Blue Fluorescent Lighting
Adds romance and modern style.

Rainfall Ceiling Shower
Oversized shower head surrounded with decorative lighting gives you an exceptional rainfall shower experience.

Handheld Adjustable Showerhead

Computerized LCD Control
Displays and controls power on/off, lamp, steam, whirlpool, ozone disinfection, fan, telephone, radio , CD, and emergency button status of the unit.

High Quality Speaker System
Surround sound speaker system is integrated with Telephone, Radio, and CD. Excellent quality speakers produce ambient sound.

Thermostatic Faucet
Displays accurate water temperature for even greater control.

Hands Free Telephone
Features a built in microphone and keypad located on computer control panel. Audio can be heard through the center speaker. Answer the phone with the push of a button with the remote control. Music immediately stops and the speaker becomes your earphone.

Ventilation Fan
Keeps heat and air density at a level you desire.

Emergency Alarm
With one push of a button, a loud alarm will sound for help.

Tempered Glass
No less than 5 mm for safety.

Fog Free Mirror
Helps with shaving and other hygienically tasks.

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